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Ryan’s World is a children’s media franchise owned by Pocket. Watch, a multi-channel network company. The franchise is based on the YouTube channel of the same name, which features the eponymous seven-year-old Ryan Kazi and his parents, Shion and Loann Kazi. The channel has amassed over 26 million subscribers and 26 billion views as of June 2019, making it the fifth most-subscribed channel on YouTube and the ninth most-viewed.

Ryan’s Age

Since Ryan was born in 2015, he is currently 8 years old. He will be 20 years old in 2023. This may seem long ago, but it will fly by. Here are some things Ryan may experience between now and then.

Ryan’s Net Worth

As of Ryan’s World’s 2023, Ryan’s net worth is an impressive $200 million. This figure comes primarily from Ryan’s World’s merchandise and endorsement deals. Ryan’s World’s ubiquity has only grown in recent years, thanks in part to the success of the Ryan’s World YouTube channel. The channel features Ryan and his family, has amassed over 30 million subscribers, and generates over one billion monthly views.

Ryan’s World’s merchandise includes everything from Ryan’s World-branded clothing to Ryan’s World-themed play sets. The Ryan’s World brand is so popular that it has spawned its theme park, Ryan’s World Land. Ryan’s World Land features rides, games, and attractions based on the popular YouTube channel.

Ryan’s Biography

Ryan’s World is a children’s media franchise owned by Pocket. Watch. The franchise includes a YouTube channel, Ryan Toys Review, that features Ryan Kazi, a nine-year-old boy who reviews toys, and his family. The channel has 20 million subscribers as of September 2018 and has been described as one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube.

In 2018, Forbes magazine named Ryan the highest-paid YouTuber with earnings of $22 million in twelve months and estimated his net worth at $30 million.

In 2015, at age four, Ryan started appearing in videos on the YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review, which his parents created the previous year. Ryan can be seen in videos on the channel testing out and reviewing different toys. As of September 2018, it had approximately 20 million subscribers and over 16 billion views, making it the seventh-most popular channel on YouTube.

In 2017, Ryan’s World launched a toy line in partnership with Walmart. The toy line includes a range of products inspired by the YouTube channel, including plush toys, action figures, clothes, and accessories.

Ryan’s Wiki

As a famous YouTuber, Ryan’s World has over 27 million subscribers and over 26 billion views. He started his YouTube channel at the age of 4. In Ryan’s World, Ryan constantly tests different toys and challenges.

He was born on October 6, Ryan was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. Ryan’s World is a family-oriented YouTube channel that features Ryan and his parents as they go about their daily lives. His full name is Ryan Kaji, and he has two sisters. Emma and Kate are his sisters’ names. Ryan is of Japanese descent through his father. Shane, Ryan’s father, is from Canada, and his mother’s name is Loan.

Ryan’s Career

In 2023, Ryan Kazi will turn 10 years old. He has been a YouTuber since 2015, when he was just 4. As of June 2021, Ryan has 26 million subscribers to his main channel, Ryan’s World, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in the World. Over 30 billion times have been spent watching his films.

As Ryan enters his twenties, seeing how his career develops will be interesting. Will he continue to focus on YouTube videos, or will he branch out into other areas, such as acting or business? Whatever he decides to do, it’s clear that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Ryan’s World started as a toy-review channel, where Ryan would unbox and review new toys. Over time, the channel has evolved and now includes a wide variety of content, including science experiments, DIY projects, skits, and more. Ryan has also released his toys, apparel, and other merchandise line. In 2020, Ryan was ranked #8 on Forbes’ list of the World’s highest-paid YouTubers, with an estimated annual income of $26 million.


As we see from the above, Ryan’s World has been a massive success story. From a small YouTuber channel to a multi-million dollar business, Ryan has achieved much in a concise space of time. His success is down to a mix of factors, including his likable personality, his family’s support, and his content, which is aimed at a young audience.

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